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Hi All
Some of you may have seen the Poet's Guide to Science Play at the
Conference last year - If not it's your chance to see it next Saturday!

It's the first public performance of The Poet's Guide to Science
<https://poetsguidetoscience.com.au/> in Sydney. We're taking a bit of a
chance putting science into the Fringe, so we hope you'll come and support
us! As a thanks, you can use the 20% off code *SCISYD*, only until midnight
Wednesday 4th. (Even if you can't make it, would help us if you'd share or
like the Facebook Event <https://www.facebook.com/events/2188443174728485/>

Tickets are on sale from Sydney Fringe website
<https://sydneyfringe.com/buy-tickets?e=MTkxMjA> for the two performances
on 7 September, 1.30 PM and 7.30 PM at SLYFOX in Enmore.

The Poet's Guide to Science is a hilarious and thought provoking play about
scepticism and belief in today's society, written as a collaboration
between myself as a scientist and theatre professionals Michele Conyngham
and Patrick Davies Trumper, with input from a range of scientists. More
Info below.

It features cameos from local scientists working in controversial areas:
For these performances, we feature:
 - Climate Scientist *Professor Matthew England* (UNSW),
 - Immunisation specialist *Associate Professor Nick Wood* (Westmead
Hospital) and
 - Genetic modification researcher *Dr Miguel Hernandez**-Prieto*
(University of Sydney)


[image: image.png]

Science. It sometimes seems the more we know, the less we understand. With
more ways than ever to find information, healthy scepticism can quickly
turn into feverish panic.

So what happens if we lose faith in science?

Cy (Patrick Davies Trumper) is facing a major crisis in his life. He’s
thinking twice about genetic modification, immunisation and that old
chestnut, how crazy the weather is these days. Who can he turn to? His
family doctor (Phil Dooley)? His local poet? He visits both but remains
sceptical, and draws them into a quest to resolve the questions they can’t
(or won’t) answer.

On their journey, they run headlong into scientific controversies of many
kinds and encounter real live scientists working in controversial areas
such as vaccines, climate science and genetic modification. These
encounters cast light on age-old questions of facts and data, truths and
untruths, and the difference between uncertainty and doubt. They also try
to resolve the age old battle of Art VS Science, evoking poets past and

The Poet's Guide to Science is a play that combines scripted performance
with live discussion and Q+A to bring all the messy questions about science
to the forefront, and to the people.

Running as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival for two performances only,
following highly successful seasons at the Adelaide Fringe and Questacon in
Canberra, The Poet's Guide to Science uses satire, slapstick, music, poetry
and improvised interviews with working scientists to address the big
questions of modern science.

The Sydney Fringe run will feature special guest scientists Dr. Miguel
Hernandez-Prieto, Assoc. Prof. Nicholas Wood, and Prof. Matthew England.

“A highly entertaining night of science musical theatre.  Mixes silliness
with serious food for thought in carefully calibrated measures.”

 - Dr Subho Banerjee, former Science Policy Deputy Secretary, Australian

“A great play that addresses contemporary issues in society”

 - Professor Graham Durant, Director of Questacon, Canberra.



1:30PM | 7:30PM

Tickets here: https://sydneyfringe.com/buy-tickets?e=MTkxMjA

 o  o  o  o
Dr Phil Dooley
Science writer, videomaker, presenter and science communication trainer.
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