[ASC-list] Poet's Guide to Science opens tonight at Adelaide Fringe: last few tickets discounted

Phil Dooley phildooley at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 23:10:17 UTC 2019

Hi All - just doing a last minute push to boost sales. It'd be great if you
could forward around!  Feel free to post the code DoubleValue on social
media too.

Hope you can join us ( and heckle Paul Willis!)



Join us for the hilarious and thought-provoking play The Poet's Guide to
Science, <https://poetsguidetoscience.com.au/> which runs Mar 14-17, also
at the Rob Roy Hotel
It's a work of fiction, but weaves in serious discussions with researchers
working in controversial fields, such as vaccines or genetic modification.

As a last minute discount, get 50% off with the code DoubleValue

The line up of guest scientists that will be joining us:

 * Flinders University expert on public trust (esp vaccines) Prof Paul Ward
(14th, 16th eve)

* University of Adelaide vaccine specialists: Dr Pallave Dasari (15th, 16th
day), Prof Helen Marshall (17th day)
  * University of Adelaide and Centre for Plant Energy Biology GM
specialist Prof Rachel Burton (all)
  * Former journalist, RIAus Director and all-round sh!t-stirrer Dr Paul
Willis (all)

This season of performances made possible by major sponsor, Flinders
University College of Medicine and Public Health. Minor sponsor: Inspiring

The play was the product of science communicator Dr Phil Dooley hanging out
with actors/directors/writers Michele Conyngham and Patrick Davies Trumper
and talking about how people often don't find science facts very

Michele's writing is insightful and hilarious, and Patrick's lead role as
the doubting science fan is hysterical.

More info here https://www.facebook.com/events/1165257850297662/

Before Adelaide we've been invited to perform The Poet's Guide at Questacon
in Canberra - the Director of Questacon, Professor Graham Durant, called it
"*A great fun play that addresses contemporary issues of science in
 o  o  o  o
Dr Phil Dooley
Science writer, videomaker, presenter and science communication trainer.
YouTube, Facebook, Twitter: Phil Up On Science
Physical: Canberra, Australia
E: phildooley at gmail.com
P: +61 414 94 55 77
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