[ASC-list] Help please: Ideas for conference session about creativity

Claire Harris claireharris.oz at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 05:47:30 UTC 2019

Hi everyone,
I'm working on a session for the conference and working on who will speak /
share their experiences.

I wanted to put it out to ASCers for some suggestions of additional people
I could approach.

Below is a quick summary of my thoughts so far... Please get in touch with
any ideas or contacts you have.

Thanks so much,

Working title: How to unlock creativity to engage with wider audiences
In a time when scientists and policy leaders are arguing that global
behaviour change is imperative to the planet's survival, how can we as
individuals make a difference using our communication and storytelling

We know that telling audiences 'the facts' isn't enough. This workshop will
explore approaches we can all take to come up with creative communication
activities and campaigns to achieve cut-through and engagement.

The session will feature a short discussion with:
1. creativity individual number 1 eg. account manager with a big
marketing/ad agency
2. another person
3. maybe someone like a Gruen Transfer bod?
4. someone else.

Followed by a workshop to share ideas and create a cheat sheet for the sci
comm community.

**Idea/not sure** The session may invite individuals to submit a campaign
idea or challenge they’re facing for the panel to respond to with ideas.
This could be done a couple of weeks prior. To be confirmed.


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