[ASC-list] UPDATE: Australian sales: New book on the Science of Communicating Science

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Following some enquiries from members  - Australian sales of the Science of Communicating Science are now available from CSIRO Publications:

With the book availability from 1 November.


Craig Cormick

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Subject: New book on the Science of Communicating Science

The Science of Communicating Science: The Ultimate Guide<https://www.cabi.org/bookshop/book/9781789245141> by former ASC President, Dr Craig Cormick, published this month jointly by CABI and CSIRO, is a book that combines academic rigour with the ease of reading a blog.

The aim of the book is to “distil the breadth of good research that is out there into an easy to understand format", summarising the best science theory into simple best-practice guidelines.

Topics covered include:


Burying the deficit model


What do the public really think about science?


There is no one public: Making sense of segmentation


Messages and metaphors


Being a social media superstar


I’ve been framed! The art of framing

  *   Evaluation: Metrics, damn metrics and statistics

  *   The risky business of communicating risk

  *   Communicating controversies: The good, the bad and the ugly

  *   Fantastic ethics and where to find them

More information at:




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