[ASC-list] Labster virtual science labs free for high schools impacted by Covid-19

Maaroof maaroof at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 15:17:59 UTC 2020

Hi all,

As students and teachers are impacted around the world, the whole team at
Labster are wanting to help with our virtual science labs where we can. If
anyone knows someone who could benefit, or other places we can share the
word, please let us know.

In short we've made a stack of our content free and put together some
training to help support teachers quickly deploy when they're ready to:

- Free curriculum-mapped Biology, Physics, Chemistry labs for High Schools (
here <https://www.labster.com/covid-19/high-school/>)
- Lots of content for Higher Education institutions, with some relief
financial options (here <https://www.labster.com/covid-19/>)
- Minimal set-up and a team standing by to help get schools ready in 1-2
- On-going webinars <https://www.labster.com/webinars/> and training for
teachers by experienced teachers/faculty on how to teach online, including
this really helpful one from Helen Gaadegard
<https://www.labster.com/covid-19/> (scroll down), former Professor at
Glasgow Uni, about taking science classes online

- A bunch of other useful resources like this blog post
this resource centre <https://www.labster.com/resources/>

Hope this helps,
VP Product Management @ Labster
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