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Claire Farrugia claire.a.farrugia at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 23:55:43 UTC 2020

Hello ASC,

See below for details, but this very exciting talk with Associate Prof
Michael-Shawn Fletcher and Rae Johnson is happening tonight!  Tickets
available here

Join us for our annual Hugh Williamson Lecture, presented by Science
Gallery Melbourne in collaboration with Indigenous Knowledge Institute
About this Event
Fire is a fundamental earth systems process. Behind climate, it’s the most
important factor that determines vegetation across the earth.

*Michael-Shawn Fletcher, July 2020*

In a year book-ended by catastrophic bushfires both in Australia and the
Americas, it’s clear that existing approaches to caring for Country need to

Associate Professor Michael-Shawn Fletcher and award-winning STEM
journalist, NITV’s Rae Johnston will share a yarn about First Peoples
cultural burning traditions as scientific practice and the role of
Indigenous futurism.

Join their discussion as they imagine a future where Indigenous knowledge
has radically changed the threat of climate change.
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