Greetings ASC members,


SE Qld ASC is hosting a Zoom webinar event open to all – Tuesday Telltales.


Join Tara Roberson – science communication researcher and practitioner exploring responsible innovation in science and technology at EQUS and CSIRO.


Tara will talk about hype in science. Plus, find out why she thinks we should embrace queering science communication and how talking about quantum physics turned into a research career.


Tuesday , 13 April 2021 from 5:30pm (45 minutes).


Hosted by Econnect Communication Director, Jenni Metcalfe


Register in advance at


We hope you can join us!


Cheers, Michelle.


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Jenni Metcalfe (PhD)

Director, Econnect Communication

Bringing science to life


phone: +61 (0) 408 551 866

Skype: jenni.metcalfe

Twitter: @JenniMet