From Jess Tyler, Health Projects and Partnerships Coordinator, Asthma Australia: 

We are seeking to fill new temporary, part time roles in the Research, Information and Evaluation team - Health Promotion Content Writer and Health Information Curator! These roles will ensure we have access to quality and relevant information and our communications to all audiences contain high quality, accurate and relevant content. Victoria or Queensland. Part Time 6 months, with the opportunity to extend. 

Also: AirSmart Project Officer
We are getting ready to design, develop, deliver and evaluate a pilot AirSmart campaign, incorporating a public health awareness campaign and the development of a digital air quality app. AirSmart aims to educate and empower people with the information, tools and strategies they need to minimize or avoid exposure to unhealthy air and by doing so, reduce the substantial health impact. We need a project manager to come on board and hit the ground running to help accelerate our progress.